Lutheran Family Services Refugee & Asylee Programs

Lutheran Family Services Refugee & Asylee Programs help people who have been uprooted by persecution and violence work towards self-sufficiency through essential resettlement services, including: housing, employment, English language, and cultural orientation. LFS works together with LIRS, and other churches, organizations, community groups, businesses, and individuals to provide the services and supplies necessary for refugees to become self-sufficient and integrate into their new communities.

Volunteering Opportunities

See “contact information” below to volunteer and learn more. Opportunities may include, but may not be limited to:

Cultural Mentoring

For Individuals, Groups, and Families • Weekly • Variable Times

Our Cultural Mentoring and Exchange program gives you the opportunity to work directly with the refugees we serve. This is a six month commitment in which you will work continuously with a family that has recently arrived into the U.S. During this time you will focus on four key points: Financial Literacy, Employment, Practical Life Skills, and Learning English. You will work on these skills to varying degrees depending on the interests and needs of the family.

On-Call Volunteer

For Individuals • Occasionally • Variable Times

Receive email correspondence about one time, or short-term opportunities to volunteer.

Office Volunteer

For Individuals • Weekly • Weekdays

We always need help around the office. We have opportunities to volunteer with our legal and immigration, case management, employment, and volunteer departments.

Transportation Volunteer

For Individuals and Families • Regularly • Variable Times

Getting around town can be tough. Volunteer to help refugees learn our bus system, or to drive refugees to appointments.

In-Home Tutoring

For Individuals • Weekly • Variable Times

Our In-Home Tutoring program matches volunteers in a one-on-one relationship with a high school aged refugee youth. This is a unique opportunity to work one-on-one with refugee youth who may be struggling academically due to previous limited schooling or gaps in education. Challenges range from basic literacy to subject competency, so the assistance you provide may vary based on need, yet is undeniably instrumental in their overall success in school. The minimum time commitment for this program is one hour/week for the duration of the semester. Experience working with youth or in education preferred, but not required.

Baskets & Bins Program

Constructing baskets and bins for newly arrived refugees is a fun and effective way to get involved. Without the help of our volunteers, refugee families would have to pay for these items on their own upon arriving in Colorado. Providing them with supplies they need immediately, helps refugees on a path towards financial stability.

Contact Information: