Denver Institute for Faith & Work

The mission of Denver Institute for Faith & Work is to form men and women who live with Christ in all of life, bear witness to the gospel in every area of culture, and serve the needs of the world with the work of their hands. Our mission is carried out through four programs:

Emerging Leader Fellowships — The 5280 Fellowship is a rigorous and selective leadership program for full-time professionals in Denver.

Events & Forums — We host events in partnership with local churches to help professionals engage with theology of work and vocation. We also organize public forums to address pressing issues across a wide array of professional industries. View upcoming events >>

Groups & Resources — We organize and equip volunteer-led Vocation Groups of men and women across professional sectors who are committed to thinking theologically about their work, embracing relationships, creating good work, seeking deep spiritual health, and sacrificially serving others.

Church Partnership Network — We serve local churches by offering events for pastors; sharing local stories of men and women serving God through their work; and assisting pastors with sermons, classes, and retreats focused on the integration of faith and work.

Contact Information:

Brian Gray

Hope In Our City

We build relationships with refugees to foster healthy community in Denver and make generational impact. Through friendships, all other needs come into clearer view. Our focus is in refugee communities, with Sun Valley being our pilot community in Denver, Colorado. It is through engaging the community holistically that true, lasting change occurs and individuals become equipped to be contributing, sustainable citizens committed to their family, community, country and world.

Volunteering Opportunities

See “contact information” below to volunteer and learn more. Opportunities may include, but may not be limited to:

Friday Recess Volunteer

For Individuals, Groups, or Families • Weekly • Fridays

A time of free-play and relationship building with youth and families in Sun Valley. Each week varies, but there’s usually a craft, some basketball, foursquare, football, kickball, and some crazy games of tag on the playground. Volunteers are welcome to bring their families.

Youth Leadership Program Volunteer

For Individuals • Weekly • Weekday Nights

Invest deeply into a group of middle or high school students, helping create a community of students who are courageous, trustworthy, and humble. Ideal for committed volunteers with a lot of grit.

Homework Hour

For Individuals • Weekly • Variable Times

Help provide a safe and fun place for kids to hang out after school and do homework or read.

Women’s Conversation Group

For Individuals • Weekly • Weekdays

Meet weekly with a group of women in Sun Valley to build friendships and create community. Ideal for volunteer women committed to building long-term, cross-cultural friendships.

ESL Class

For Individuals • Weekly • Weekdays

Meet once a week with a group of English language learners in Sun Valley to build friendships, create community, and help others become more comfortable with written and spoken English. We’re recruiting volunteer ESL Teachers (certified) and Teacher’s Assistants (no ESL experience required).

Sewing Class

For Individuals • Occasional, Regular • Weekdays

Help track and database the impact we are making in the lives of our neighbors and volunteers. Ideal for organized volunteers who don’t mind sitting still in front of a computer.

Other Ways to Give

You can give to Hope In Our City through corporate sponsorship, professional services, vehicle dontations, stock transfers, and real estate donations. Contact us for more info (see below).

Contact Information:

Ben Sooy

Save Our Youth

Save Our Youth is a youth development organization providing at-risk youth with educational, emotional, and spiritual skills for success through long-term mentoring relationships.

Volunteering Opportunities

See “contact information” below to volunteer and learn more. Opportunities may include, but may not be limited to:


For Individuals • Weekly • Variable Times

Mentor an at-risk student one-on-one.

Meals for Summer Academy

For Groups and Families • One-time • Weekdays or Weeknights

Contact Information:

Trudy Swain

Alternatives Pregnancy Center

Alternatives Pregnancy Center exists to care for Denver-area women and men in pregnancy-related crises and offer them a meaningful alternative to abortion. Following the example of Christian love, they seek to meet emotional, physical, and spiritual needs, enabling and encouraging women and men to choose life every day.

Volunteering Opportunities

See “contact information” below to volunteer and learn more. Opportunities may include, but may not be limited to:

Client Advocate

For Individuals • Regularly • Daytimes

When a woman reaches out for Alternatives, you’ll become her advocate. You’ll listen to her story and seek to understand her concerns. As you offer information about pregnancy options, your goal is to support and equip her to make an informed decision—with the hope and encouragement that she would choose a life-giving option for herself and her unborn child. Male Client Advocates are also needed.

Education Presenter

For Individuals • Regularly • Nights

Your passion for youth and healthy decision-making can be put into action through educational presentations.

Helpline Volunteer

For Individuals • Regularly • Variable Times

When you answer calls to our 24-Hour Helpline, you’ll be a voice of support to women who need Alternatives. They may be facing unintended pregnancy, needing STD testing or struggling with post-abortion loss.

Post-Abortion Group Facilitator

For Individuals • Weekly or Regularly • Variable Times

For women who struggle with abortion loss, you will help create a safe and trusted place to begin the journey of healing. You will invite women to share their stories and encourage one another.

Ultrasound Clinic Sonographer

For Individuals • Weekly or Regularly • Daytimes

Through an ultrasound, you can offer a window into life. It provides an opportunity for each woman to learn about fetal development as she considers her pregnancy options. This volunteer role requires sonography experience and any of the following credentials: MD, PA-C, NP, RN, RDMS.

Special Event Volunteer

For Individuals or Groups • One-time • Weekend Nights

Put your organizational skills to work in preparation for our special events. Help us get the details in place as we welcome nationally known speakers and talent to inspire guests and raise funds for the ministry of Alternatives.

Mobile Clinic Driver

For Individuals • Regularly • Daytimes

Get behind the wheel of our Mobile Testing Clinic, a 36-foot RV converted to provide services throughout the Denver area. You will drive the vehicle from its storage location to a scheduled service location and park it for its daily service shift. You don’t need to stay with the vehicle during that time—just drive it back when the shift is over. Previous driving experience of an RV is required.


For Individuals • Weekly or Regularly • Weekdays

Your welcoming face provides a warm greeting to a client as she enters our office. You’ll then begin the client in-take process with her. In between clients, you will answer the phone and offer limited administrative support to Alternatives staff.

Contact Information:

Linda Saccomano

Providence Network

Providence Network is a Denver faith-based, urban transformational housing organization that helps men, women, and families heal from addictions, abuse, and homelessness to become self-sufficient, productive members of the community. In addition to housing, their holistic program includes counseling, addictions recovery, vocational assistance, life skills development, and spiritual nurturing—all within a structured environment of 24/7 live-in staff who are dedicated to offering the support and accountability needed to transition from a difficult past into a bright future.

Volunteering Opportunities

See “contact information” below to volunteer and learn more. Opportunities may include, but may not be limited to:


For Individuals, Groups, or Families • One-time or Occasionally • Variable Times

We use “crews” of people for various volunteer opportunities around our homes: Childcare, cleaning, landscaping, event assistance, food preparation, home improvements, and donating new household items (see more below).

Donate Household Items

A great way to serve Providence Network is by donating new or gently-used twin bed frames, mattresses, linens and small “apartment-sized” furniture. Contat to arrange a donation.

Contact Information:

Teresa Weesner
303-860-8404 ext. 23