Denver Institute for Faith & Work

The mission of Denver Institute for Faith & Work is to form men and women who live with Christ in all of life, bear witness to the gospel in every area of culture, and serve the needs of the world with the work of their hands. Our mission is carried out through four programs:

Emerging Leader Fellowships — The 5280 Fellowship is a rigorous and selective leadership program for full-time professionals in Denver.

Events & Forums — We host events in partnership with local churches to help professionals engage with theology of work and vocation. We also organize public forums to address pressing issues across a wide array of professional industries. View upcoming events >>

Groups & Resources — We organize and equip volunteer-led Vocation Groups of men and women across professional sectors who are committed to thinking theologically about their work, embracing relationships, creating good work, seeking deep spiritual health, and sacrificially serving others.

Church Partnership Network — We serve local churches by offering events for pastors; sharing local stories of men and women serving God through their work; and assisting pastors with sermons, classes, and retreats focused on the integration of faith and work.

Contact Information:

Brian Gray