Open Door Ministries

Our mission is to show mercy, build community, and make disciples for Christ in urban Denver. Open Door Ministries exists to provide practical help and hope to people in urban Denver who are homeless or low-income. Our primary objective is to move people toward self-sufficiency by helping change the circumstances and life patterns that have held them captive to poverty and addiction. Through 16 distinct programs, we focus on tangible needs like food, shelter, access to education and employment training, as well as intangible needs such as friendship, hope, and Christian spiritual guidance. Since the issues faced by our friends tend to have many layers, Open Door has learned that the best way to help them succeed is to surround them with support, holistically empowering them to overcome obstacles, attain self-sufficiency, and thrive.

Volunteering Opportunities

See “contact information” below to volunteer and learn more. Opportunities may include, but may not be limited to:

Basic Needs

For Individuals, Groups, and Families • One-Time • Weekdays

Preparing and Serving/Delivering Meals

For Individuals, Groups, or Families • One-Time • Weekdays

Home Improvement

For Individuals and Groups • One-Time • Weekdays

Refinishing/tiling floors, installing irrigation system, electrical work, etc. For skilled individuals or groups/

Learning Center

For Individuals • Weekly • Weekdays

The Learning Center provides children ages 3-12 a quality education founded upon high academics and Christian character development. Various volunteer needs here.

Still Waters Housing

For Individuals, Groups, and Families • Variable Committments • Variable Times

Our Still Waters Housing program includes three homes for single women. Chayah House serves women being restored from homelessness, addictions, and abuse. Treasure House serves single moms with young children. Esther House serves women escaping the sex-trade industry. The below includes volunteer opportunities for Treasure House, Chayah House, and Esther House.

Family Room

For Individuals and Groups • Variable Committments • Weekdays

The Family Room provides a hospitable space for people to rest and access our resources.

Youth Center

For Individuals • Weekly • Variable Times

The Youth Center is a place for urban youth to belong and flourish through Bible studies, activities, and one-on-one relationships.

Women’s Homelessness Initiative

For Individuals and Groups • Variable Committments • Variable Times

Each week 20 women eat dinner at The Table and then are welcomed into the sanctuary at Open Door Fellowship where they spend the night. Overnight volunteers ensure a safe and welcoming environment for women and provide a refuge from the harsh street environment.

Open Door to Success

For Individuals • Occasionally • Variable Times

Open Door to Success is an employment training program teaching Christian work principles and holistically empowering people to move into the marketplace. The below volunteer needs are on an “on-call” basis and are only available when the need arises.


For Individuals • Variable Committments • Variable Times

TRYAD (To Reconcile You Able-bodied And Disabled) reaches disabled individuals through needed compassion and evangelism.

Cornerstone Home

For Groups • Regularly • Weeknights

Cornerstone is a long-term home for disabled men. Residents are taught to live life as a team, learning to help one another in day-to-day life. This allows them to contribute to the needs of others and subsequently, it affirms their dignity and lets them discover their importance.


For Individuals and Groups • Regularly • Weekdays

Help pass out lunches and pray for homeless people: Noon-1pm on the first Tuesday of each month. Meet at the Einstein’s Bagels near the corner of 16th St. and California in downtown Denver.

Serve a Meal

For Groups and Families • Variable Committments • Variable Times

There are a few ways to serve through serving a meal: 1. Prepare and deliver a meal (that can be frozen for throughout the week) for Still Waters Housing residents. This needs to be enough to feed seven people. 2. Prepare and bring lunch for our TRYAD program. Every 4th Tuesday of each month, 11:30am-1:30pm. 3. Serve breakfast to the homeless on Saturday mornings 8-11am. For more info on any of the above meal-serving opportunities, contact us (see below).

General Opportunities

For Groups and Families • Variable Committments • Variable Times

Physical: cleaning, gardening, painting, etc. at one of our nine properties. Skilled work: construction, plumbing, electrical work, etc.

Contact Information:



Project Angel Heart

Project Angel Heart provides nutritious, home-delivered meals, free of charge, specifically prepared to meet the heightened nutritional needs of people living with life-threatening illness. They rely on a staff of volunteers who work six days per week under the direction of professional chefs to prepare, package, and deliver their meals. Up to 70% of client meals are modified to meet individual dietary needs.

Volunteering Opportunities

See “contact information” below to volunteer and learn more. Opportunities may include, but may not be limited to:

Meal Delivery Driver

For Individuals, Groups, and Families • Weekly • Daytime

Satellite Shuttle Driver

For Individuals and Groups • Weekly • Weekend Days

Distribution Assistant

For Individuals • Weekly • Daytime

Office Assistant

For Individuals • Weekly • Daytime

Kitchen Assistant

For Individuals and Groups • Weekly • Weekdays and Weeknights

Garden Assistant

For Individuals and Families • Weekly • Weekend Days

Bag Decorators

For Groups and Families • Variable Commitments and Times

Other Ways to Give

Support Project Angel Heart through Workplace Giving, Donating a Car, Donating Produce, Donating Half-Used Paper, and More.

Contact Information:


Rebuilding Together Metro Denver

Rebuilding Together Metro Denver and its network of sponsors and volunteers provide crucial home repairs, safety modifications, and energy efficiency upgrades to qualified homeowners and community centers in need. RTMD is the leading provider of home repair services for homeowners in need throughout the seven-county metro area. Through home repairs and modifications, falls are prevented, energy efficiency upgrades are performed, and homes are made safer and healthier. In the process of rebuilding homes, lives are transformed and neighborhoods revitalized.

Volunteering Opportunities

See “contact information” below to volunteer and learn more. Opportunities may include, but may not be limited to:

Home Previewer

For Individuals • Regularly • Variable Times

You’ll work with the RTMD staff to conduct the initial inspection of a home so we can get ready to do some repairs! We have a “must attend” training course of a couple of hours where you receive materials and examples provided by RTMD. Basic knowledge of construction and home repair issues is beneficial for this position. Please contact us to get started previewing the homes of those we assist.

Construction Volunteer: Skilled Trades and Handy People

For Individuals • Regularly • Variable Times

You are at the heart of our work. We have requests every day for repairs, small and large, that cannot wait for big event days. If you have skills at fixing things and are willing to give us some time, please contact us so we can work with your schedule and match you with homeowners in need. Check out our Safe at Home program page for some more info!

Contact Information: